7th July 2023

Meet Toluwanimi Ajani, Elvisridge Capital’s 2023 Summer Intern

Elvisridge Capital would like to introduce you to our 2023 Summer Intern, Toluwanimi Ajani. Toluwanimi is attending the Stern School of Business at New York University where she is pursuing a business major with a concentration in Finance and Data Science. Throughout her childhood, her parents, who immigrated to America from Nigeria, imparted the value of education upon her and demonstrated the significance of financial acumen. Growing up, Toluwanimi observed how financial know-how empowered her parents to attain financial freedom and is now inspired to teach financial literacy to underserved groups, including youth, immigrants and low-income families. Toluwanimi aims to empower families like hers to build wealth through educational initiatives and by leveraging financial technology to increase access to financial services.

In her free time Toluwanimi enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and traveling. Toluwanimi also enjoys mentoring students from in and outside of her community, to aid them in their college and scholarship application journeys. As part of her personal and career aspirations, Toluwanimi currently serves on the Common Application’s inaugural Student Advisory Committee, through which she advances educational access and impacts the millions of students who use Common App to apply to college yearly.

Elvisridge Capital seeks established, privately held, middle- to late-stage businesses based in the United States. We invest in situations where our experience and resources can help generate significant profitability improvement and revenue growth. To begin a conversation, contact us at

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