2nd February 2021

Closed Deal Case Study: Elvisridge Capital & SurfaceLogix

By Dani Forman

I had a boss in a previous life who often liked to remind our team that “financial alchemy can only get you so far in the world of private equity.” He’d continue, “few things trump the value of hands-on operational experience and industry expertise.”

Michael Southard, founding partner at Elvisridge Capital, is a prime case study in the validity of the above adage. After spending 20 years building out the landscaping division of a family-owned lighting business, Mike decided to leverage his expertise by founding a niche private investment firm focused on the landscaping space.

Middle Market Review recently sat down with Mike to learn more about Elvisridge’s recent acquisition of SurfaceLogix, a 70 year old manufacturing business producing products for pavers, stone and concrete surfaces.

Read the full article on Axial.

Elvisridge Capital seeks established, privately held, middle- to late-stage businesses based in the United States. We invest in situations where our experience and resources can help generate significant profitability improvement and revenue growth. To begin a conversation, contact us at

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