How We Help

We actively seek business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level by leveraging the capital and resources we can provide. We are a great resource for business owners looking to retire or to take some equity “off the table” by bringing on a partner who can help the business continue to grow. We also facilitate buyouts in partnership with management teams. The synergy between the companies we acquire and the experienced operators who are already part of our team can produce tremendous financial results.

Investment Sectors

Fishing Products

With our demonstrated successes with our current fishing companies and the strong relationships we have within the fishing industry, we are continuously open to new investment opportunities to enhance and expand our existing portfolio.

Landscape/Hardscape Products

Our founder and management team bring a wealth of experience in the landscape products industry. We actively seek additional acquisitions and investment opportunities where our relationships and expertise can add synergy and lead to growth. One area of particular interest in coatings and sealants, where we can leverage our experience and distribution network of Surface Logix and ICT.

Secured Debt and Mezzanine Financing

We also provide senior secured debt and mezzanine financing as growth capital to businesses in the Midwest and Southeastern United States.

Other Opportunities

We’ll also consider additional opportunities where our operating experience, relationships, and resources can add value.

What We Do

You might be wondering what is with the tagline “Experience Matters.” At Elvisridge Capital, we believe experience does matter, and that is why our team is highly focused on two specific industries: fishing products and landscape and hardscape products. Jack Miller has decades of experience serving the landscape and irrigation industries and provides leadership and guidance to our landscape portfolio companies.  Similarly, Bill Bolton knows the fishing industry and provides valuable insight and thought leadership to our fishing portfolio companies.

We are continuously seeking platform companies and add-ons to our existing portfolio. It is our preference that the owner and/or their management team wish to stay on and run the business. We will almost always incentivize the key manager(s) with growth participation shares in the business. After all, you know your business and industry. We bring extensive financial resources along with expertise in sales management, manufacturing and product management and marketing and e-commerce to help jumpstart additional growth.  A true partnership.

If you would like to talk, give any one of our team members a call.

Michael Southard, Founder/CEO